new beginnings or return to the blog

I am not sure what has brought me back but maybe it is the feeling that I am at a point of new beginnings, not that anything is planned  but perhaps after the last two years or so the time has come to make some changes. Breast cancer is not behind me but will always be with me, yes the treatment ended back in May except for taking the tablets for the next 4.5 years but the feelings and thoughts of it although less painful and the memories of how it was are less acute it is now a fact of my life and as such needs acknowledgement by me, it does not      define me but it is part of who I am. It does not stop me from doing things, trying out new things and working out where I want to go. I want a more stress free life and to get that some things will need to change and some of that is me and my attitudes, I also need to decide what are the non negotiables and what is the rest. This is the starting place – its my life and where do I want it to and let me find the courage to get there or change my route. I don’t expect future entries to be soul searching in the main but a statement of my everyday living and the things (experiences, people place) that help to make me tick.


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