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What and where and why

I have been away from here to a place I did not expect to go, a place that has taken my energy, my thoughts and challenged me and still I have a long journey ahead  probably filled with tears, laughter, tears, joy, more tears both happy and sad, gratitude, love and most importantly hope.
I had a routine mamogram at the beginning of April, the date should be significant but unless I look it up I can’t remember. The significant detail was being told I had breast cancer – bugger, but rather me than my sister.
Hell, I had to tell my brother and sister, that was hard as it is only three years since our darling Mummy secumbed to the same dreadful disease. Oh, yes I know it is different – hers was elderly onset and very aggressive, I am ‘young’ ¬†fit and it was early detection all the signs for a good outcome – but it still sucks.
I am not angry, I don’t think why me, I do not feel sorry for myself, this is something to be faced head on, and dealt with. I have great belief that I will live until I am 92 and that I am going to be fine, after all my glass is always half full. But that does not stop me from being scared along the way.



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